The migration of people from Central Kerala to Edoor was started in 1928.The first migrants has arrived during the period 1939-40.
Saint Mary , the immaculate is the boon and glory of Edoor.

In 1939, under the leadership of Valiyaparambil Kunjukuttan, around 6 families has migrated to Edoor.
In 1941- 42, Kulathinkal Kunjuvarkey and Thannikkapara Devasya has migrated to the presently named Koramukku place.They have purchased land from Adv. T Narayanan Nambiar and Kallikkal Chathu.Kattakkal Joseph , Joseph Madathinakam , Puliyanikkatu Anthrayose were also the migrants during this period.Vattamattathil Avatha, Muriyangariyil Thommi, Martha, Thonakkara Paili ,Korantikkavelil Avatha, Vattamthottiyil Devasya purchased land from Theyyampadi Kannan ,constructed their own houses and started their living.
During this perioid, the migrants used to walk to Thondi , stayed there on Saturdays to see the Sunday Mass.In 1942 Rev Fr Joseph Kuthurachan came from Peravoor and offered the Mass in the tent, which was built in front of Valyaparambil Kutti’s house.This was the first holy Mass in the land of Edoor.From 1943, every Sunday Holy Mass has started in a small shed constructed in Njavally Family’s land.
In 1945, Rev Fr CJ Varkey became the Parish Vikar .Fr CJ Varkey and Varghese Writer who has started all these activities had made the present Edoor.The Madathil-Edoor Road and L P School were built during the perioid for Fr CJ Varkey.In 1946, the church and the school were shifted from Thottambagam to Edoor.Korandivelil Sebastian and Muriyangari Mathai has sponsored the land for Church and School.
In 1949 , July Rev Fr Joseph Kattakkayam became the vikar of St Mary’s Church Edoor.The Edoor LP School was constructed in 1949 itself.
In 1954 , July Rev Fr Sebastian Elamthurithiyil became the parish vikar and during his period the school was upgrated to High school.
Rev Fr Andrews Thekkel is the present vikar of St Mary’s Church.


Edoor started its development in education and agricltural prosperity in the mid 1940s with the …

Edoor started its development in education and agricltural prosperity in the mid 1940s with the
Edoor started its development in education and agricltural prosperity
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    John 11:25

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    John 1:1

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    Matthew 22:37-39

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