Edoor is a small town about 6.5 kilometers from Iritty in Kannur district in Kerala, India. The town is a small marketplace for the farmer communities of the surrounding regions. This place is well-connected to any part of Kannur and other parts of Kerala by road. Tourists visiting Edoor can enjoy the beauty of the Vembuzha river, St Mary’s Forane church and Mundayamparambu Temple. The nearest tourist home is at Iritty.


St.Mary’s Forane Church
St.Mary’s Forane Church is the first church in the name of St. Mary under the archdiocese of Thallassery. The church is a pilgrim center of Mother Mary Edoor is famous for its communal harmony. The presence of a prominent church in the town adds to its lustre as a peaceful town. Edoor is also famous for its educational institutions especially St Mary’s Higher Secondary School. This school has gained much prominence in the district since the addition of plus two as secondary education, due to its topping results. For most of the years since 2002, this school has stood either 1st or 2nd in the district. People in this area are majorly Christians and Hindus,came from different places of Travancore. The area hilly. Cultivation is mainly for rubber.

Rev Fr Kuriakose Kudachirayil was searching for a place for constructing the parish. In 1945, Fr CJ Varkey had been appointed as the Parich Vicar.

Rev Fr Varkey and Mr. Varghese Writer who had started up building Edoor has been reached to the state where it is as today. In 1970 new parish was construced. From 1972 to 1977 Rev Fr Peter Kuttiyanil was the vicar.

The contruction of Kolikadavu brige had happened during his time.

People living now here are the second generations of the migrated farmers from travencore. Kurumthottam, Kizhakpedekail, Vattamthottiyil, Manalel, Thuruthippallil, Muriankariyil, Madathinakam, Valiyaparambil, Thottupurath, Valiyakulam, Cherukanayil, etc. are the first few families migrated towards Edoor and surrounding areas. The first migrators and the spiritual leaders like Fr.C.J Varkey made the foundation of the development as roads and schools. The church is also a prominent forane church in the Syro-Malabar Catholic Archdiocese of Tellicherry.

Its institutions include the St. Mary’s Higher Secondary School, Vikas Bhavan (school for special needs), and orphanages. There is an old-age home, Maithri Bhavan, at Karaparamba near Edoor. The church is a pilgrim center of Mother Mary, The Immaculate.

Edoor started its development in education and agricltural prosperity in the mid 1940s with the …

Edoor started its development in education and agricltural prosperity in the mid 1940s with the
Edoor started its development in education and agricltural prosperity
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About the Church

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    John 11:25

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    John 1:1

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    Matthew 22:37-39

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